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Human eye.

Need a lift? Want a more wide eyed selfie?

We have a new eye drop called Upneeq that will give your eyelids a beautiful lift that lasts 8 hours. We sell it at our office for less than the pharmacy has it. Check out the website for more information and give us a call to schedule an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate.

Eye drop medicine in front of reading glasses.

Tired of your reading glasses?

Have you increased your font on your phone as much as you can and still have trouble but refuse to wear readers? Would you like to throw your readers away? We have a drop called Vuity that is just for you! Call today to schedule an evaluation to see if you are a candidate to have this new and innovative medication prescribed for you! Check out this link for more information.
Now Approved Prescription Eyedrops for Presbyopia | VUITY™

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